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Thirty times rarer than gold and found in a very few places around the world, Platinum never fades and never tarnishes.  It keeps its natural white colour for a lifetime and as it is so pure, it is naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Named for the Greek goddess Athena, palladium is coveted for its lustrous silvery-white glow.  Like Platinum in its purity, its natural colour will not fade nor tarnish and it is gentle on your skin.  Palladium has a lower density, making it a lighter and more affordable alternative without losing any of the extravagance.

Thirty times rarer than gold ...
Used by the finest craftsmen in the finest jewellery, both Platinum and Palladium have that distinctive white brilliance. Exclusive, desirable and a statement of individuality.

The classic pure white ores............……

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